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today is National Wear Red Day . and all month is heart health awareness. take a few minutes to check out these sites and find out the symptoms of stroke and heart attacks.

imagea few years ago my husband was feeling under the weather – not really experiencing pain but flu-like symptoms. we called our doctor who suggested rather than come into the office why not go to the ER. well this seemed like a big deal over some flu symptoms  but luckily we have good insurance so off we went. Long story short after several tests and keeping my husband in for just one more day that turned into a week the doctors found clogged arteries. we were lucky by not ignoring the ‘flu’ like symptoms my husband had surgery before a heart attack.

Valentine day is just around the corner and I wanted to knit up something to send my daughter. I saw some adorable knitted wash cloths that I thought would be perfect for the KnitPicks Dishie cotton I found in my stash. the red reminds me of Campbell’s tomato soup red. unfortunately my brain wasn’t following the directions for the wash cloth. I completed it and it is heart shaped but the decreases that were wonky and didn’t match up side to side. so after some thought I decided to swatch my own heart using a favorite shaping stitch. ….short rows.



first I used short rows to make the curved tops of my heart. and then I used short rows again to form 2 triangles for the sides of the heart and then finished one with short row decreases. it was nice but for the second cloth I used a mitered square.

lastly I crocheted a border of singles around the heart to clean up the ends of the rows. as I swung around one side I added a loop so the wash cloth could be hung after using. learning to crochet is coming in handy for finishing knits.

imagenot complicated knitting just snowy day playing. I kept a pad of paper close by so I could jot down notes. one ball of Dishie cotton yielded 3 nice sized washcloths, a tiny coaster sized wash cloth and one scrubbie.


I am trying to learn to write pdf’s so I took my notes and made a pdf file cross my heart wash cloth.rtfd

now a word of warning – I send out my patterns and they are edited and then formatted before I sell them on ravelry. the finished pattern is tested, edited and is laid out with pictures.

this file is just my rough notes row by row…a learning swatch pdf …. so to speak. it works but it isn’t laid out all pretty.

ok I have to do a quick update – it seems that I am not attaching the file properly so I am going to add the file here for your use


materials: knit picks dishie 100 grams 190 yards this gave me 3 large wash cloths with enough left over for a scrubbie. you could use any similar cotton worsted weight.

needles: size 6 straight knitting needles, g or h crochet, hook darning needle

gauge: 18 st / 4” 38 rows / 4”


cast on 38 sts


R1: knit

row 2 is the first section of short rows. these short rows will make the curved top of the heart. when doing a project like this it can be fun to explore different ways of doing a w+t. I used the very basic w+t since the wash clothes garter in this top section you do not need to pick up the wraps and knit them with the stitch.

R2: sl1, k10, w+t,      k3, w+t,      k4, w+t,       k5, w+t,       k6, w+t,      k7, w+t,       k8, w+t,       k9, w+t,       k10, w+t,      k11, w+t,       k12, w+t

k13, w+t,      k14, w+t     k15, w+t,     k16, w+t,     k17, w+t,    k29, w+t,      k3, w+t,      k4, w+t,       k5, w+t,        k6, w+t,         k7, w+t

k8, w+t,        k9, w+t,      k10, w+t,     k11, w+t,     k12, w+t,    k13, w+t,      k14, w+t,    k15, w+t,      k16, w+t,      k17, w+t

k18 (to the end of row)

R3: sl1, k37

R4: sl1, k17, k2tog, k18

this next section of short rows make a wedge on each half of the heart shape. I picked up and knit the wraps with the stitch in the next 2 sections of short rows. if you do not it leaves a large opening or a series of holes along the bottom of the wedge.

R5: sl1, k17, w+t, k18

R6: sl1, k16, w+t, k17

R7: sl1, k15, w+t, k16

R8: sl1, k14, w+t, k15

R9: sl1, k13, w+t, k14

R10: sl1, k12, w+t, k13

R11: sl1, k11, w+t, k12

R12: sl1, k10, w+t, k11

R13: sl1, k9, w+t, k10

R14: sl1, k8, w+t, k9

R15: sl1, k7, w+t, k8

R16: sl1, k6, w+t, k7

R17: sl1, k5, w+t, k6

R18: sl1, k4, w+t, k5

R19: sl1, k3, w+t, k4

R20: sl1, k2, w+t, k3

R21: sl1, k1w+t, k2

R22: k2tog, k to the end of the row picking up and knitting wraps along with the sts.

repeat rows 5 – 22

this completes the short row sections that forms the top of the heart. row 36 – 60 is a mitered square

R36: sl1, k15, k3tog, k16

R37 and all odd numbered rows sl1, knit across

R38:sl1, k14, k3tog, k15

R40: sl1, k13, k3tog, k14

R42: sl1, k12, k3tog, k13

R44: k2tog, k10, k3tog, k10, k2tog

R46: sl1,k9, k3tog, k10

R48: sl1, k8, k3 tog, k9

R50: sl1, k7, k3tog, k8

R52: sl1, k6, k3tog, k7

R54: k2tog, k4, k3tog, k4

R56: sl1, k3, k3tog, k4

R58: sl1, k2, k3tog, k3

R60: sl1, k1, k3tog, k2

R62: bind off keep the last stitch live and do not cut yarn. using a crochet hook through the last live stitch start a single crochet all the way around the wash cloth. if you like add a loop on the side of the cloth for hanging. when you get back to where you started binding off cut the yarn and thread through a needles and sew the end in. weave the leftover securely and you are done.

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  1. Linda M. says:

    Hi Mary Jo, Soon after you posted this, my husband had the same symtoms as yours.
    March 3, he just didn’t feel well with a tightness in his chest, he drove home from work, ( 30 mi) and I took him straight to the hospital. He was having a heart attack! Well, now triple by pass later, he is home and doing very well. Wow, what a surreal experience.

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