Under the weather

I’m a bit cranky and out of sorts these daysI had all kinds of plans this week but have been taken by a stomach bug

so I have been laying in the grass and drinking lots of water and starting to feel better.

By tomorrow I hope to be up and about and back to my usual self.I want to share a pair of socks that are finished. They have  a  new to me  toe that is fashioned the same way as the no sew seams on the kitten hat I knit. I also am going to give away some mini skeins of plant dyed yarns.

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2 Responses to Under the weather

  1. Kabira says:

    Yeah, I know those out of sorts days…….your pics tell the story well!

  2. lisawoodruff295 says:

    Aww! I hope you are feeling better now. Cute post though!

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